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Why choose Quantum Fiber internet?

Choose Quantum Fiber for a high-speed fiber internet experience backed by a reliable network and unlimited data.

Incredible speeds

Copious download speeds support surfing, streaming, and gaming for more users under one roof.

Reliable network

Data travels to and from your home on a 99.9% reliable* network with low latency.

Unlimited Data

Worry about what to stream next—not how much data you’ll use. Data caps don’t exist in Quantum Fiber land.

Choose a speed before you buy fiber internet

To get fiber internet at the right speed for your home, choose the description that best matches your household’s online habits. As a rule, the more people share your network and the more you use your fiber internet service, the higher speed you should purchase.


Speed may not be available in your area

Great for households that love gaming and streaming

Choose this speed to handle streaming in HD at the same time someone else plays on their favorite gaming console—and everyday activities such as email, social media, and basic file downloads.


Speed may not be available in your area

Great for device-packed households with interests all over the map

Choose this speed if multiple people in your home spend hours a day online, hosting video meetings, running multiple games, streaming movies in 4K UHD, or backing up large files to the cloud.

More hobbies, minimal buffering on
Quantum Fiber internet

Fiber internet speeds up to 940 Mbps create a virtually endless supply of bandwidth for your activities.

Speed may not be available in your area.

teen gaming

Great response time and graphics, even for multiple users

woman streaming tv rom couch

Stellar visuals in up to 4K UHD on compatible screens

man on a video call
Working from home

Frequent video calls and fast, dependable cloud sync

teen doing school work at home
Home Education

Reliable speeds for tutorials, tests, and assignments

What else can I do with Quantum Fiber internet?

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Fiber internet availability just keeps growing

At this rate, Quantum Fiber could be yours very soon.

map of availability

Fiber internet availability just keeps growing

At this rate, Quantum Fiber could be yours very soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is fiber internet?

Fiber is a type of network technology that sends data over hyper-efficient fiber-optic strands, resulting in an internet service with super fast connection speeds with low lag.

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Is fiber internet better than cable?

Quantum Fiber internet offers 20 times faster upload speeds than cable^ and unlimited data.

^Comparison, as of 11/30/21, based on Quantum Fiber technology with wired upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps to major cable providers' 1GIG cable service over DOCSIS 3.1 technology with upload speeds of 35 Mbps.

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Why should I get fiber internet at home?

With Quantum Fiber internet service, you’ll have all the speed you could hope for, at affordable prices, with no annual contract. That’s freedom right there.

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